Aline Long

Artwork by Aline Long



448 Granite Saddle Drive, Rolesville, NC 27571

After a long career in the Computer and Spa Industry I finally retired a few years ago and began to enjoy a dream come true: oil painting.

My appreciation for art began at an early age. I had the privilege to grow up in a family who treasured art in all forms, and having an uncle who was recognized as an exceptional artist in oil paintings and life size marble sculptures. Visiting museums, I was always amazed by the artists’ abilities to share emotions through colors and forms which awakened my yearning to become an artist.

My dream finally came through when a few years ago my husband gave me a basic oil painting set and a canvas to finally fulfill my artistic soul. From that moment on, it developed into a passion and the world became an amazing source of inspirations.

I now spend time in my studio creating exclusive paintings, or completing commissioned work as well as designing unique watercolor greeting cards. My work can be seen on Facebook at Aline Long Fine Art and the Wake Forest Guild of Artists.