Artists and Media

Many of the WFGA artist provide classes, lessons, workshops through private or local venues. Click on TEACHER to see the list of those teaching art lessons/classes.

Artists and Media

Below are our members listed alphabetically by last name with the media they use in their art.

Underlined names have links to additional information, images and/or personal websites.

** Indicates that the artist is a member in good standing for 2024

Gayle Akerman**

I use a variety of wood types, both natural and composite, and hand-cast acrylic resin in my designs, which often include miscellaneous, unique items.

Joan Ballard

Painting, Drawing, Photography

Adria Baker**


Kristopher Bang**


Becky Barber**

Watercolor and Gouache

Lisa Bernhard**


Laura Bierer**

acrylic paint

Katherine Bishop


Abby Black

Digital Animation, Digital Pen/Ink, Traditional Pen/Ink, Mural, Wood, Jewelry

Nicki Black

Acrylic/Mixed Media, Encaustic, Digital, Music, Glass, Watercolor, Pencil, Jewelry

George Blue**

photography multimedia

Deanna Brancaccio**


Linda Brink**

Oils, acrylics,watercolor, mixed media

Christina Britt


Haley Bullock-Munson

Specializing in epoxy resin infused with woodworking, geode and agate inspired works of art, seascape pieces, and modern floral preservation.

Linda Burrell

Watercolor, Acrylic and Mixed Media

Lori Canon**

Acrylic and Gouache

Karen Casey**

Fused Glass

Mariuxi Cedeno**

None listed

Alison Charchar**

Painting-oil, acrylic, watercolor, and Drawing-pencil and pastels

Christy Colebank**

Art classes in any media, colored pencil, acrylic

Susan Commike**

Multi-media artist

Terry Conlon**

Watercolor, mixed media, printmaking, fiber arts, jewelry

Kevin Conlon**

Woodcrafting, clay

Robin Conyers**

Oils, Acrylic, Watercolor

Diana Cook**


Hugh Daniel**

Acrylic on canvas

Erin C. Day**

acrylics, oils, ink, watercolors, oil pastel and pastels and ceramics, paper marbling, weaving, felting, book binding, beading, basketry, etc.

Mary Jo DeLaere **

I design exclusively with yard of all colors, weights and textures creating punch needle wall hangings

Robert Dobie

Our creations are handcrafted using live edge wood, with and without color epoxy rivers and fillers.

C. James Dussias**

Oil paints, watercolors, printmaking

Amy Fetzer

Fine Art Oil Painting & Original Hand Pulled Printmaking

Alissa Gaerte**

Ethically sourced materials including silver, copper and brass as well as cork and stone

Thomas Gruber**

Photography and Watercolor Painting

Kathleen Hall

Acrylic and Oil Paintings

Lynette Hanson**

Decorative Chargers

Doug Harris**

Stoneware and wheel work

Stacy Hartis

Handcrafted One of a Kind Jewelry

Sherry Hatley

Oil, Watercolor, Pencil, Pyrography

Linda Hauser**

Painting in oils

Anelia Hayes


Sarah Helms

Acrylic, Watercolor, Oil Pastels, and Mixed Media Fine Art

Julie Helsabeck**

Metal, Glass, Watercolor, Pen/Ink, Photography, Fiber arts: Crochet

Anne Elizabeth Howard**

Acrylic paint, pastels and block printing, plus fiber arts

Ted Jay**

Woodworking, custom signs, and wood engraving

Christy Johnson

Fiber arts: knitting, felting, embroidery

Peter Johnson

Watercolor, pen and in, digital art and artistic woodworking

Janet Joyner

Acrylic on canvas

Timea Kallai

acrylic paint

Yvonne King

Watercolor painting

Michelle Kobryn


Yvonne Kovacic

Digital Art / Mixed Media

Todd Kreisman**

Acrylic, oil, and pencil

Katlyn Lackie**

Watercolour and Mixed Media

Indigo Lamb**

Oil Painting, Acrylic, Watercolor, Print making, Sculpture, Ceramics, Traditional Craft, and more.

Denise Langlois**

oils, watercolor.acrylics and pastels

Heidi Lassiter Ackley

Acrylic and Oils

Kathryn Launey

Acrylic and mixed media

Frances Lawrence

Acrylic pouring, jewerly, coasters

Jamie LeJeal**

Acrylic, Latex-based, Spray Paints, and Paint Pens.

Olga Lobastova**

Oil, acrylic, gouacheĀ 

Aline Long**

Oil on canvas

William Lord**


Melissa Lowery

Metal jewelry and wall art

Brianna Lucas


Merissa MacDougall

Acrylic & Watercolor

Michelle MacFarlane**

Pencil, Acrylic Paint and Watercolor

Rita Mauro**


Roseann McFadden**


Thomas McGrath**


Jennifer McPhatter

Acrylic painting

Andrew Melos


Susan Miller**

Mixed media: Paper, Fabric, Clay, Ephemera with Paint

Painting: Acrylic, Watercolor and Oils: Intuitive, Abstract and Realistic

Marcia Moran**

Primarily Oil on panel board and canvas

Patricia Murphy

fused glass

Laura Murray**


Ruby Nachom**


David Nies**


Jeff Nimmer

Oils, Acrylics

Colin O'Boyle**

Woodworking, Sculpture, Jewelry

Carmen Ojeda

Paper Flower Bouquets, Acrylic, Colored Pencils, Mixed Media

Victoria O'Neill

Seasonally foraged botanical resin jewelry

Dee Parks**

Oils, colored pencils

Delphine Peller**

Painting / Mixed Media

John Pelosi**

Woodcrafting, carving, sculpture

Sue Pendleton


Karen Penny

Fiber Arts

Pat Perry**

Acrylic painting

Watercolor painting

Kelly Pittman

I create with acrylics, pencil, pen, and watercolor. I also enjoy creating pieces inspired by nature, and work with wire, clay or foraged objects.

Naomi Pittman**

Digital art; Pencil and marker drawings

Clina Polloni**

Oil Painting

Terry Prace

Folk art - wood weather vanes, whirligigs, and trade signs

Devanshi Prajapati

I work with acrylic over canvas and paper. I love to paint Nature and paint with vibrant colors.

Tracy Pratt**

natural and man made ephemera, acrylic paints and mediums on paper or canvas

Victoria Primicias **

acrylics, oil + cold wax medium, mosaic mirrors

Joseph A. Rafferty III

Visual Artist

Sara Roberts

Mixed Media with Photography



Glass Fusion

Rafael Roman

Acrylic on Canvas

Margaret Roth**

Acrylic and Watercolor Painter

Karen Ruffner**


Sree Sankaran**

oil, acrylic , mixed media

Robyn Scott**

Acrylic paint, pen & ink, mixed media

Maureen Seltzer**

torn paper collage

Judith Shevell**

Fiber Artist

Robin Sheehy**

Oil on Canvas and Cold Wax and oil

Jo Silvagni**

Water Color, Acrylic, and Mixed Media

Ian Slade**


Carissa Sliwinski**

Handlettering, watercolor & digital art

Christine Smith**

Acrylic on canvas

Joseph Smith**


Victoria Smith**


Lee Spell**


Valerie Spiva Collins**

acrylic paint and mixed media

Jane Steelman**

People and Pet Portraits, Pastels/Charcoals, Oils, Acrylics, Stained Glass, Watercolor, Alcohol Ink

Jeannette Stevenson**


Judy Stines**

My work is mainly in acrylic. I also do mixed media with fabric and acrylic to create more texture and color.

Brittney Switala**

Acrylic Paint, Impasto, Mixed Media

Kathy Street**

Oil painter

Gary Taber (Westcliffguild)**


Claudette Taylor

I work with clay to create portrait and figure sculptures.

Sheetal Telang

oils and watercolor

Joel Tesch

Painting - acrylic on canvas

Jenna Trunzo**

acrylic paint, alcohol ink and mixed media

Les Tryon

Acrylics, alcohol ink, inktense pencil, color pencil, and oil pastel.

Richard Varga

gouache watercolor, Digital watercolor/illustration using Adobe Photoshop and ArtRage software. Imac computer with XP-Pen Electronic drawing tablet

Cynthia Vester**

multimedia pen pencil acrylics watercolor fabric

Margery Violetta

Cold Wax/Oil

Vivianne Voyles

Watercolor, Acrylic, Fiber Art

Adam Wanless**

Naturally Tanned full grain leather

Katherine Weber**

Oil, pastel, colored pencil, graphite

Daniel Webster**


Rose Welty

Digital with collage

Julie Wervey


Allie Wilmoth**

The Makery, Art Gallery

Kelsey Wittl

Acrylic painting

Katherine Wu**

hand-painted acrylic wine glasses, snow globe tumblers and kids sports bottles, resin wine tumblers, crocheted cup sleeves, and gemstone jewelry