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Dates for Renaissance Centre shows for 2023. Themes for the shows will be added later.

  • January 2023 (Jan 27 – Comedian Jen Kober performance; will show the art at intermission)

    • pick up for Nov/Dec and drop off for January: Wednesday, January 4 5pm-7pm

    • reception date: Wednesday, January 18 5pm-7pm

  • February 2023 (Feb 11 – Jazz Brunch; will show art at intermission)

    • pick up for January and drop off for February: Wednesday, February 1 5pm-7pm

    • reception date: Wednesday, February 15 5pm-7pm

    • pick up: Wednesday, March 1 from 5pm-7pm

  • May/June 2023 (May 5 – Happy Dan the Magic Man performance; will show art at intermission)

    • drop off: Wednesday, May 3 5pm-7pm

    • reception date: Wednesday, May 17 5pm-7pm

    • pick up: Wednesday, July 5 from 5pm-7pm

  • August 2023

    • drop off: Wednesday, August 2 5pm-7pm

    • reception date: Wednesday, August 16 5pm-7pm

    • pick up: Wednesday, August 30 5pm-7pm

  • October/November 2023

    • drop off: Wednesday, October 4 5pm-7pm

    • reception date: Wednesday, October 18 5pm-7pm

    • pick up: Wednesday, November 29 5pm-7pm

Call for artists!

Special opportunity for artists with 3D art or small pieces that typically cannot show in traditional wall hanging. Now scheduling 2023 monthly solo shows for the Wake Forest Renaissance Centre Arts Annex Showcase Cabinet.

Please include your top three months that you would like to show, 3-5 photos of your work, any social media/website contacts, and a short description of your process.

Tentative schedules will be sent out by mid November.

Please note: submitting info is not a confirmation that you will have a spot. We do have waiting lists. Consideration is given to new artists and to keep a schedule of a variety of mediums and styles.

Renaissance Centre Display Cabinet Artist Info

• Must be a WFGA participating artist.

• The WF Ren Centre display cabinet intended use is to showcase 3D art including, but not limited to: jewelry, ceramics, glass, textiles, sculpture, woodworks etc. The display cabinet is also open to artists that 2D work is primarily smaller than 8” and do not have opportunity to hang in solo or group shows.

• Solo exhibitions for approximately one month duration.

2 artists may partner up for exhibition, however they must be able to meet at the same time for set up/take down and both artists work be display in a compatible manner.

Exhibits are to consist of cohesive or complementary works.

• The display space is approx. 45” across, 61” tall, and 12” deep. There are 3 glass shelves that normally sit 12” to 15” apart. Including the bottom of the cabinet and shelves, there are 4 display planes. There is some flexibility with moving/removing shelving. Each glass shelf can support approx. 10 lbs weight.

• WFGA artists are displaying art at the invitation of the Wake Forest Renaissance Centre. We are very appreciative of their hospitality and expect all artists to conduct themselves professionally.

• Artists must provide their own easels, pedestals, or display forms.

• Artworks must be stable and displayed safely. No exceptions.

• Art must be finished and presented in a professional manner (edges done etc)

• Work must be original and created entirely by the artist.

• All art must be suitable for viewing in a public area. The WFGA and WF Renaissance Centre have the right to refuse any art.

• Art installed is expected to stay for the duration of the exhibit. If you need to switch art, please check with WFGA first.

• Artists that have not displayed at Wake Med North or the WF Ren Centre will be given priority.

• Each item is to have its own tag. Information including price, description, and artist contact. Tags are to be no bigger than a business card.

• A more detailed inventory sheet is to be left in the WFGA folder. Information here can include description, medium, size, price, artist contact etc. Extra business cards can be displayed discreetly in the case as well as a few in the folder with the inventory sheet.

• All sales are to be handled entirely by the artist. The WF Ren Centre or volunteers are not to handle sales or act as a go-between for transactions.

• Info needed for sign up will be name, contact info, a few sentences describing the work you would like to display, and 3 images of your work that is representational of what you will bring.

• Contact person for scheduling an exhibit, or to ask questions is Delphine Peller 919 696 0907 or

• Go to for more info about the WFGA, how to join, art opportunities, and more.


WakeMed North Hospital has for some time worked with the Wake Forest Guild to display work from our members monthly. The schedule and more information may be found on the "Artist Opportunities" page.

Call for Art:

Please see exhibition info. WakeMed North Guidelines

Email and include your medium, a few photos of your work, and your top 3 choices of months to exhibit

2022 Schedule.