Cari Lewis


I always looked forward to Art class in school growing up, although I would never have called myself an artist. As I grew, I realized that being an artist is not always drawing or painting a picture. I gained the courage to have creativity through many hours of freedom to use anything in my dear aunt's craft room when I would visit her. My favorite thing to do there was to make cards and scrapbooks. She took me to different workshops and we had so much fun together. I learned that being an artist is really seeing something in your imagination and bringing it to life. Now, God has given me the wonderful opportunity to work with flowers and ribbons to make home decor, such as wreaths and floral arrangements. I love to find ways to take old things and make them beautiful again or repurpose them to make a space beautiful.

Before having kids of my own, I was an elementary school teacher. I would love to one day teach wreath-making classes and have the privilege to watch my students create and see their inspirations come to life.