Ian Slade


I got into photography through my father, he would take me to the train tracks and photograph trains. He would lend me his camera so I was able to take photos. My first camera was a Canon Rebel, that I received from my parents when I was in highschool. I used it from time to time, but really picked up photography in graduate school at UNCW. After one of my internships I was able to get a Canon 70D and from there I started taking photos every month. I have had a few photography gigs, shooting events, products, and small business team photos. Currently the main subject of my photography is toy photography (Photos of LEGO, model cars, and model trains). My passion for LEGO was revived when I started using my camera to photograph the minifigures on my weekend adventures. Some of the locations where I have taken the minifigure photos are California, New York, Chicago, and all over North Carolina.

Interesting fact: Other than photography my other hobby is knitting. I knit and sell scarves on Etsy.


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Artwork by Ian Slade