Jamie Lawson


Jamie Lawson is the owner of Labrottie Creations. She is a North Carolina resident who specialized in handmade and personalized art pieces using paints and digital imagery.

Her most recent collection is called Pop Pet Art, inspired by images of her favorite furry friends. She uses bright colors, backgrounds, and textures to bring the subject to life.

Thanks for including me as part of the Guild of Artists. I look forward to meeting you all!

She also creates posters, personalized stationary, logos, wood signs and commission pieces. She loves working with reclaimed and recycled materials too. Her line of merchandise and artwork are available on totes, t-shirts, baby clothing, stationary, hats and more. Each of her pieces has its own character. Ms. Lawson offers the art of design, freedom of flexibility and the highest level of creativity as each project unfolds.

She is inspired by the love of her Chocolate Lab Scout, Rottweiler Harley, and puppy Tiger, the love of summer, the love of waves and the love of the beach.


For more information, contact Jamie at labrotties@gmail.com and ask how she can create your one-of-a-kind piece.




Selected Artwork by Jamie Lawson