Lynn Russell


Hi 😊 I am happy to now be a member of the Wake Forest Artist Guild. Thank you.

I would describe my approach to making art as conceptual. My areas of interest are photography, oil painting, collage, portraits, and wordplay. A few names of artists that stir my imagination.... and believe me there are tonsss more... Damien Hirst, Marcel Duchamp, Gerhard Richter, Robert Rauschenberg, Claes Oldenburg, I work in mixed media. Oftentimes combining photographs with oil paints.

In addition, having worked in the field of fashion, I have remained enchanted until this very day. Each new season brings with it new designs, colors, backdrops, and music. The runway is magical... At one point in my jewelry design career, a notable fashion magazine editor did an interview with me and the company I was affiliated with. She loved the collection and described my style as “exciting, forward, someplace between Chanel and Harley Davidson.

Some years ago, I became involved in the Jewish Orthodox lifestyle. This special interest has offered me entrée into a cloistered world of which I knew nothing about, informing my artwork in a new and exciting way. With this influx of impressions and images of traditions and a three-thousand-year heritage, I have been privileged and thrilled to incorporate this experience into my artwork.

I studied at the School of Visual Arts in New York, Graduated from programs at The International Center for Photography in New York, attended workshops with Duane Michals in Venice, Italy, studied acting with the infamous acting teacher, Stella Adler in Los Angeles and graduated Touro College with a BA in Desktop Publishing and Psychology.

My work has traveled far and wide... Solo exhibition “Animalscapes” in England, galleries in LA, NY, Venice, Italy, published and reviewed in numerous magazines, newspapers, and fine art publications.

With lots of gratitude, I am delighted that there are people throughout the United States who collect my artwork. Several have added a significant selection of works to their collections.

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Artwork by Lynn Russell